future your brain.

                                    let me get this straight. tiny robots are going to repair my cells one at a time? nice!
                                                via YouTube.

                                    continuing the nanotechnology kick, the deep freeze after death and return to life doesn't seem that far off.
                                                via YouTube.

                            nano technology
                                    this is some powerful stuff! is it close? is it what we need?
                                                via YouTube.

                            fly-bot, fly!
                                    keep in mind how small this actually is!!!
                                    (caution: fairly technical narration)
                                                via YouTube.

                            robot horse-dog thingy
                                    i bet your robot can't do half the sh*t my robot can
                                    (watch til the end to see it jump!)
                                                via YouTube.

                            Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow
                                    it's long, but worth every minute.
                                    hear Walt Disney speak about what Epcot was supposed to be.
                                    anyone want to sign a petition to bring back old school Epcot?
                                                via YouTube.

                            powers of ten
                                    really ridiculous perspectives.
                                                via YouTube.

                            the inconceivable nature of nature
                                    what's in a name?
                                                via YouTube.

                            time travel?
                                    this guy's building a time machine and suspects things from the future may appear.
                                                via YouTube.